Community Foundations

191_logo_ENCommunity foundations are philanthropic organizations that direct grants, leadership and other investments toward community initiatives. Across the country more than 85% of Canadian communities have access to a community foundation – from our largest cities to our smallest towns.

There are more than 190 community foundations across Canada. They are publicly registered charities established to help others improve the quality of life in their communities. Working with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations Foundations establish endowment funds that help address a particular cause or community need. They invest the funds donated to a specific endowment, and direct the income earned on the investment to the donor’s community cause or interest.

The CFPEI is also involved in:

  • Making grants to community organizations to support specific initiatives or programs, and granting study scholarships to students from endowed funds set up for this purpose
  • Assuming a leadership role, bringing together community leaders to explore issues important to local communities
  • Supporting the work of non-profit organizations and groups
  • Promoting philanthropy by individuals, families, organizations and corporations

All community foundations are overseen by a volunteer board of leading citizens and are staffed by professionals with expertise in fund development and community building.