Our Annual Reports & Financials

The CFPEI is a registered charitable organization incorporated in 1993 through Part II of the PEI Companies Act. The Foundation’s registered charity number with the Canada Revenue Agency is # 890011190RR0001.

The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island currently holds more than 65 individual funds totaling $8 million.

The Foundation acknowledges that every endowment fund that is established, and every donation that is made to us, requires that we demonstrate our capacity to ensure that investments are managed wisely.

To this end, the Foundation has established:

  • An internal Investment Committee that ensures that the portfolio is professionally managed
  • An investment portfolio management contract with RBC Phillips, Hager and North (PH&N) Investment Counsel, one of Canada’s top institutional and non-profit investment managers. RBC PH&N provides investment and management advice to maximize the Foundation’s capacity to fund grants and awards to worthy community projects.
  • A comprehensive statement of investment policies and guidelines which specifies an asset mix of securities for growth and for income and stability
  • The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for management of CFPEI’s investment portfolio under the guidance of the Investment Committee. The Committee works closely with our investment managers and our fund holders to determine the best investment options, and to establish appropriate benchmarks to monitor the performance of the portfolio.

Members of the Investment Committee include:

  • Jonathan Ross, Chair
  • John Robinson
  • Greg MacPhail
  • Janet Corish

Click below to view copies of the Foundation’s recent Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Auditor: Mary Best, Arsenault Best Cameron Ellis